About Us

The Society for International Trade and Competition Law (‘SITC’) is an academic society of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (‘WBNUJS’), Kolkata. Its aim is to increase the awareness with respect to the two legal fields of competition and international trade law among law students and the public at large. It is also our aim to become the first information portal in India for tracking developments in the fields of competition and trade law. The SITC blog, which is run by the members of the society is a sincere attempt to keep you updated about the various developments in the field of international trade and competition laws in India and abroad. We hope this endeavour serves to be of immense utility to students, academicians as well as legal practitioners.  In the absence of any quality blog or any other source exclusively dedicated to these areas in India, we at SITC felt the need to take the initiative to make a repertoire of information and diverse opinions on major and not so major issues, both legal and commercial.

 The society also endeavours at creating awareness about various contemporary issues concerning trade and competition by organising workshops, seminars, lectures, training programmes and by encouraging the legal community to engage with the issues by organising essay competitions and paper presentations regularly. Apart from this the SITC also boasts of having assisted the Government of India in formulating certain policies involving competition law aspects.

We welcome guest contributions the form of (i) literature review (ii) short essays (iii) information based blog posts (iv) opinion based posts. We welcome all forms of contributions that our readers could possibly like to read.  If you would like to contribute any entries to our blog, please send them in at sitc@nujs.edu


Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are merely for informational purposes and they do not reflect the views of WBNUJS or any other institution, but are only the personal views of the author.



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